Tuesday Afternoon

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Untitled 1989

I bought the Leica in 89 before heading to London to photograph a theater production that was in rehearsal. I took this photograph there before heading to the south of France for a few days.

I sprung the gear cable on my bike earlier last week. I decided that I would try to repair it myself to save a little money, so I bought the new cable, and proceeded to install it not knowing exactly how. There’s parts that cannot be removed without destroying the mechanics of the thing. No knowing this I popped a spring that was nearly impossible to reinstall without a so called spring installation tool I found online. So I eventually gave up to return to have the bike mechanic for some help. I knoew it would run me about $100.00 He told me that it would have to be replaced because the spring needed to be factory installed. The part was going to cost me $300.00. Needless to say I checked ebay for a less expensive replacement. I really waned to go on my ride the next day so I tried again. I managing to piece it together! It shifts nearly perfectly. I’ve clocked about 58 miles since.

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