Tis the Season

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To All a Very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year 2006!

Brokeback Mountain

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I went to see Brokeback Mountain last weekend. I was impressed. The cinematography was superb even if it was not really filmed in the American Rockies but in Canada’s Alberta instead. The reviews set me up for the emotional rollercoaster as predicted. I read the interview in The Advocate with Heath Ledger. He’s a fellow New Yorker living in Brooklyn where he says he can live without being recognized void of aggressive paparazzi. His cowboy accent fooled me as being authentic. I had no idea that he was Australian.

New York has a transit strike that actually is nice for me. I bike everywhere so it really doesn’t effect me. The neighborhood has been pleasantly quiet without the tourists. The rattle or the early morning N R trains under the building is gone. I can actually sleep in.

Jim Lamb 1991

Here’s another photo from the archives that I recently uncovered. It’s up for auction on Ebay now. Good luck and bidding.

For All You Last Minute Shoppers

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Nude Dancer – New York City 2000
5 inches x 7 inches

Some of my photographs are up for auction on Ebay. Type Carnuccio in the search window or click here to see my EBAY auctions. Thanks in advance for looking. Good luck and bidding!

I Knew It Was Coming

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The deep cold winds have blown in from the north bringing frigid temperatures and the ever dreaded snow. Here’s a photo taken in Washington Square Park during the big snow of 96. It’s time to play video games and watch DVD’s. Microsoft Flight Simulator, Grand Theft Auto, Sim City, Civilization III, and World of Warcraft. X-Box is not around any more so am using the computers. Recent movies watched are Philadelphia, Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring, and Goldmemeber.


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The weather turned cold so for now I am back to the trainer to satisfy my cycling appetite. So far this year I managed to clock 3813 miles around New York City and the surrounding area mainly in Central Park. I cycled in Colorado last spring as well. The hills out there were very inspiring.

The beautiful thing about it is that it was without a single crash. I read that during a race in the park last August, someone was run down by a racing cyclist. Unfortunately the person died the next day. Even at 6AM there are those who stray into the bike lanes. I tend to ride at sunrise before the infiltration of baby carriages, wondering bird watchers, tourists, roller bladders, dog walkers, etc arrive. Weekends are impossible.

In addition to by road bike rides I use my mountain bike for transportation around town as I have been for the past 35 some years without any major accidents. Recently the NYPD has taken to obnoxious harassment of street bikers. Apparently they told me that the mayor has decided to crack down on city bikers. I was slapped with a summons for biking the wrong way on a one was street on 21st st and 7th Avenue while running an errand. ‘RIDING BIKE WRONG WAY’ was scribbled in the description. I guess the city is really hard up for some extra cash flow. The summons will set me back 40.00 which is not so bad considering my last summons for cycling through Washington Square that cost me 100.00. You would think that the police would have more important things to so with their time.

New Camera

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Hi all. Thanks for reading the blog. I have some more favorites from the archives coming soon. Stand by. This month I rented a new camera to give it a run for it’s high priced money. There’s nothing like silver gelatin prints though. My collectors will prefer prints rather than inkjet’s from my printer. It’s sort of a lost art really. Being a master printer is definitely a plus. There’s so much flexibility\ with digital images though.

Today I rented a 20D Canon camera to take some portraits this weekend. I wanted to take some street photos earlier afternoon to test the new toy. I’ll try to get some taken tomorrow once I check out the manual so that I know the capabilities of the machine.