marcus leatherdale

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While browsing around today I ran across the link to Marcus Letherdale’s site. Actually I have always been impressed with his work and especially find his exodus of New York after having achieved notoriety in the 80’s downtown photography scene. He now lives in India… He occasionally exhibits here in NYC.


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Got up early to go to the gym. Weekends are nice cuz there’s not many people to get in the way. PJ Mehaffey and Lorra stopped by late pm for some photos… The glitter was all over… The digitals look great. I loved the costumes. I have some old Vogue magazines that I’ve been selling off on ebay so posted a few more. Put on the DVD that arrived from netflix and watched the first part of “The Passion.” Definitely pretty graphic stuff… Later I was invited to a party over in the meat packing district at NA for Hudson River Trading. Unfortunately I was cased and asleep long before it started.

Fixed the links…

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The links in my eros & baptiste and john henry’s summer 04 galleries.


dazzling day’s data

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I was a rest day from working out and that was fortunate cuz I had no intention of fighting -8 degree wind chill minus freezing temperatures to get anywhere. So go up an hour later than usual to watch a movie “Big Eden”. The acting sucked so watched it 2 times speed to save time It was supposed to be good. I found it boring. The scenes in chelsea and dumbo were the only interesting scenes. Worked on awesome new pics of Clark that I has somehow overlooked a couple of years ago. There are more here. Monica was here tidying up the place. Paul stopped by for lunch. Worked on a couple of auctions then cooked up a spaghetti dinner with lotsa veggie burger in the sauce.

Greg’s Pic

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Up early… Did a spin class. Hit the weights for an hour. It was crowded really!.. The I printed greg’s proofs. The full moon in leo has me wanting to spend big. Fortunately I was to busy to do any shopping. Greg and a friend came by later to pick up proofs. Watched At Home at the End of the World then went went off bed.

Another Brutally Cold Day

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I awoke early the to NYSC to workout early AM. Then I The usual 25 min cut short on the rowing machine to jump start my heart rate. Marty Northstein’s coaching tape really works well for motivation. Then I hit a spin class for 40 min. Afterwards upstairs I hit my quads for 45 min somewhat heavy but not major. Later after returning to the studio I posted a couple of new photos on Ebay. The two auctions are new. One is a self portrait from 1996 and then another of Jamie taken the following year. There’s another new one posted as well of a couple of guys with nice biceps. Snow tends to make it a little difficult getting around so don’t get out to run errands as I had intended. It’s another brutally cold day. Fortunately the loft is cozy at the moment. Then took some digital photos.

Lower Manhattan White Out

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Weekends in mid January tend to be uneventful. So I got up early before dawn Saturday before the snow started falling. It was a lifting day but hit on upper body relatively light. Then the white out started. Actually it was quite wonderful. I took some photos up on the roof deck late Sunday night. So 13 inches fell in Central Park. That’s nothing!! The media seems to exaggerate weather events these days for advertisers. PJ was snowed in Staten Island so canceled photos. Sunday morning the snow was still coming down actually it was good that the storm arrived on the weekend when traffic is light. Anyway the strong NE winds subsided.

party on!!

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It barly got above 20 yesterday. Here’s another summer party gallery of party pics at John Henry Rew’s last summer. Trend needs a website.

eros & baptiste

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It seems that when the weather gets in the subzero range it’s time to think about warmer times. I’ve posted some summer photos taken at last year’s eros & baptiste exhibit.

Supreme Court Validates Domestic Partnership Agreement

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There’s litigation going on between me and my lover of 20 years over a partnership agreement we signed some 20 years ago. The Supreme Court ruled in my favor as outlined in an article in the Gay City News in March 2004. “New York Supreme Court justice finds 1983 gay male partnership agreement valid.”

The appeal was heard today in which one of the judges embarrassed Steve Rosen the defendant’s council basicly calling it a waste of time. In the prenup signed by myself and Upton, currently a partner at Paterson Belnap a New York law firm, the appelate court again declaied this clause valid:

WHEREAS, Upton has contributed the majority of funds necessary for the parties household expenses and the above-stated purchase, and Carnuccio has contributed the largest portion of his time and talents to the work necessary to renovate and maintain such loft to accommodate the parties residences; and

WHEREAS, the parties expect their relationship to continue…

Unfortunately the relationship ending in 1996 after nearly 20 years. So looks like my studio will continue to exist despite the legal ranging.

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