Ham radio and thoughts of a radio amateur

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I’ve launched a new site devoted to my amateur radio staion KD2HE. Click above to visit.

The Ham Band Video

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Andrew John Huddleston and Lissa Ladefoged G3WZZ have put together a video on ham radio. The recording was done in Nashville. It’s one of the best ham commercials I have seen. I just wonder how it was done? Hanging on a tower at 100 feet above the ground in a top hat and tux having champagne looks so casual in the video. All the songs are about amateur radio and the booklet which comes with the “Seek You” CD tells the whole story of contests, dx-peditions, antennas etc.

More information about Andrew and his life at www.lastres.com

Frankford Radio Club CQWW 160 CW K2AX

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I spent the weekend operating in an amateur radio contest with members of Frankford Radio Club. The station, located in New Jersey, was spectacular. A pulsating buzz during the day was an annoyance that we attempted to resolve. With the help of an AM radio Mark, K2AX attempted to track it down.