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I’ve gone through my collection of Vogue magazines that Ron Kajawara left me a few years ago after having passes away of AIDS complications. There’s are Bazaars as well that date back to the early 60’s.

Here’s the Vogues gallery.



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There’s a small cluster of snaps on my refrigerator that caught my attention today as an interesting addition to my web log today. Since the photograph is an original brownie camera picture taken of myself when I was very young I thought it best to preserve it to the digital achieve.


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Took a few snaps of the neighborhood on the way to NYSC this morning. The calm of the early AM is well worth getting up for. Workout rocked. Hit 205 for reps on the bench press. New workout included dumbbell inclined press with 65 instead of barbell inclines with 185. The sun is shining and I have tons of work to do including a run to the post office to ship photographs. There are six orders to fill this morning. So much for the boring working of my early morning routine.


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I had a decent workout today. I was the only person in the spin class so was able to tailor the pace to my own requests. Since yesterday was an off day I had extra energy to burn. Then I tried to hit my legs with some leg extensions, squats and hack squats. I was cut short of time so was only able to get in 12 sets total. I kept the weights light enough to keep good form going up to 225. Posted an auction for some camera equipment a friend is trying to sell. There’s nothing like ebay to clear out all the stuff. PM just watched Alien and Predators.


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What I am currently listening to as I write this:


So pretty interetsing b&w photography:



Up early… actually at sunrise finally after having lived though a long winter of awaking to darkness. Workout was mediocre… I faked out on heavy bench presses hitting just 185… Friday morning is computer defrag backup time so went through the ritual… Another look at The Gates photos at breakfast made me think I’d better get up to photograph central park again with film…

I ran across this “The Crackers” on boingboing.net/ The second installation in Boing Boing’s coverage of works inspired by Christo’s “Gates” installation in Central Park — “The Crackers” is comprised entirely of orange cheese crackers. http://www.not-rocket-science.com/gates.htm Somerville, Massachusetts has it’s own “Feeding Gates” as well.

I have until the 28th when they are scheduled to uninstall. Then I printed kurt’s suff then had a photo session with Frank Mackin to photograph his old Pentax Spotmatic for an Ebay sale. He’s wanted to get rid of it for a while.

The Gates

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Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. Ive returned from the
park a few hours ago where to see The Gates by Christo and Jeanne-Claude on exhibit
there. It cost the artists some 20 million dollars to complete. The
flowing curtains with their Tebettian-like monkish look giving a feminine
flowing orange feel to the park’s austere natural beauty of trees,
and surrounding architecture.

It’s well worth taking a look at if you
have the time and find an window of opportunity coincided with
favorable weather. I had both this morning.

The temp was close to 55F.The sky was mainly overcast however the occasional glimpse of the sun shining behind the curtains made for an illuminating feel. The rain
came down later in the afternoon. I wonder what they look like wet?
Whatever the fabric it would be nice if it snowed to see the bright
orange against the white snow.

Here’s the complete gallery.

Post VD Day

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It’s been an in heavy three days at the gym. I hit 205 for 3 reps on the bench press part way down yesterday. I needed a spot at that weight. My body weight is only 175. The gym has been empty.

I got there a little earlier too so didn’t have to
skimp on reps or sets. Then I printed PJ’s 11 x before heading out
to Anthony Liquor to pick up some Sake for the shrimp I bought in Chinatown
last week.
I got there a little earlier too so didn’t have to skimp on reps or sets. Then I printed PJ’s 11 x before heading out to pick up some Sake for the shrimp I bought in Chinatown last week.
I’ve been spending so much time in the darkroom I feel like I’m in Scandinavia or something. I get up… it’s dark… I head out it’s dark… when I get home I spend the whole day in the darkroom printing. When I finish it’s dark…

Met with Neal briefly. Kurt stopped by to drop off some negatives. The invite for the exhibit next month. It look great.

There was a 5 to 0 ruling in my favor over the appeal. I knew we had won but it was today that I received the written decision.

Valentines Day Eve

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I got a really good spin in this morning after sleeping in yesterday morning. Actually 7am is late for me. Then I worked legs squatting light 225. Actually I couldn’t do much heavy weight after an intense 40 min spin. Spend most of the day in the lab working on prints of Kurt, Greg and Clark. There looking great. Nice working with the highest quality paper.

Kurt Wehmann

Watched “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” Documentary Really insightful view never before seen… Narrated by Rupaul.

The new yahoo rss feed format is fabulous.

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While running errands today I found some really cool pics. here’s the neighborhood… there’s never a moment of boredom…

Click to view complete gallery.

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