Toronto Gay Pride Kickoff BBQ

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375 King Street W. 3rd floor Picnic Area

cell 647 294-5291

Victor Carnuccio LOBBY / RECEPTION

Please RSVP

My toronto play station

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This week I managed to find a really great deal on craigslist for a new desk. It’s designed and built by a Canadian company called global Woodgroup. It’s really nice red mahogany color and sees me perfectly for my Play Station. Moving was a little bit of a chore, but I managed with the zip car and little elbow grease to put together. The weather here is been really cool and comfortable just about 60F in the mornings and pleasantly in the low 70s during the day. I’ve been going to the gym every morning and working out as well as during hot yoga sessions my favorite being on Fridays. It’s really good start today and gets me geared up for things. This weekend I’ll be heading to Montréal again for little R&R. I’ll post some pictures along the way.

Near Death Experience, Show and Montreal

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Biking home from the gym I was tail ended by an suv!! The impact knocked the wind out of me as well as the back tire and rim which was twisted out of shape. There was an Australian woman passer by who gave me her card should I need to contact her. It was clearly his fault.  I was ok with just a little bruise on my right knee.  The whole ordeal left me a little upset, but after meeting the driver and exchanging contact information he offered to give me a ride home as the bike was unrideable. Today  I was extra careful out on the roads. I’m still a litle shaken up by the whole thing and guess it might be another NDE chalked up for me.  I fell asleep watching the Golden Jubilee concert awaking at the crack of dawn for hot yoga.  The bike will be in the shop for about a week and the guy has offered to pay for the repairs.  I’m using my alternate Gary Fisher mountain bike for now.  This week Community Supported Agriculture starts.  I’m looking forward to getting some farm fresh produce weekly as I had been doing in NYC over past years. I’m thinking about going to Montreal for the weekend. Some of my work will be on exhibit at City Lights in an exhibit called SAMESEX, 37 Markle Court, Bridgeport, CT Opening Thursday June 7 5 to 6pm for members and free afterwards.

Stickam, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, and the Internet’s Expanding Social Network

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My neighborhood friends, Crista Grauer, Regina Cherry and myself got together last night exploring Stickam while streaming live video. Most of the live feeds were younger kids so we did a search for members around our own age (50 something) We ran across a live chat with Alan Silva in Paris. The services special ingredient was the live interaction in chat room style.


Regina had heard Alan play some time ago in New York. We wathced some of the youtube videos and realized that we were chatting with someone who had created great works of music and video.


Colt Whitmore was featured on the homepage of Stickam so we found ourselves hanging out on his chatroom for the rest of the evening that kept us highly entertained. There are 153 videos posted on Well apparently Colt loves making people laugh, and doing anything to get that laugh. He’s 18 from Idaho…yes Idaho of all places. ‘I’m here to show everyone there is more to Idaho than just Potatoes. I’m puttin Idaho back on the map..even thou its already there.’

Hey with live video Myspace, and Facebook the pioneers of the networking circuit seem sota lost in space.

Hillary Clinton’s New Gay Look, Casino Royal, The Queen, and My New Passion

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Well I’ve deliberated about photos for test running them on rating sites like to get a more subjective view. Not to mention there’s a few on as well. I really need to update.

President Bush is going off the deep end as a lame duck this week with his state of the union address. From the commentary is seems that there was a partisan response that was to be expected. Yikes!


Then again Hillary Clinton’s webcasts were just as hideous. She was so made up that she looked like a china doll. Or maybe she has been spending some of her contributors money on a face makeover. But the image is everything so lifts are becoming acceptable even for politicians now. She’s looking so butch. Maybe she should duel with Madeline Albright in a leg press competition. Madeline boast being able to leg press 700 lbs. So is she or isn’t she a lesbian? That is the question.


So here are some of the recent movies that I have seen. Casino Royal, with a rejuvenated Daniel Craig as Bond. The footage in Venice toward the end was nice but the films length running about 144 minuets left me yawning even with all the geeky gimmicks and gadgets.


When I worked at La Mama E.T.C. back in the 70’s while a student at Pratt, I managed the rehearsal building on Great Jones street. I watched Tom Eyen direct productions there such as Neon Woman with Divine as well as The Whore and the Bit Player with Madeline La Rue. His major contribution was Dreamgirls. Unfortunately he never saw on screen version having died of Aids in a 1991. Staged by director-choreographer Michael Bennett, I regret never having seen the Broadway version. The film version is inspirational. Tom was always pleasant to be around. He sometimes would spend time with me after rehearsals asking me what I thought. Hmm…


I’m not a film critic, but the documentary mix of The Queen based on Princess Diana’s tragic death in Paris and the royals reaction left me in awe. It was 1997 about 10 years ago that she crashed in a town car race in a tunnel to escape overly aggressive paparazzi. I don’t know what more to say. It’s well worth seeing.


Gambling in Second Life has become my passion recently. I’m not sure of the legality of this but it seems to have become popular with the residents. You realize that there are questions as to how legitimate the online casinos are. The machines have at times paid handsomely at times.


So now that Artflux has entered into the new era I have been trying my best to keep up with the skill for it’s upkeep. Thanks to the WordPress it has made creating content ridiculously easy and more enjoyable.

Walking with Snowflake

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eq0g9pdgqmxf7nm72b0k5t2akfplmah00a0.jpgToday was a perfect fall day, the sun and a light west wind spun around us as we walked. It was the kind of early autumn afternoon when you could feel the currents of the seasons as if they were plates at the earth’s core, magnetic, pulling and repelling, causing frequencies to rise and maybe conjuring a gothic ghost or five to the warming autumn sunlight. I ran into Howard Bloom, and we discussed science and art as usual, he was really into a new camera he showed me and was excited about his new photography. He was on his way to Prospect Park, shouldering his pea green backpack that carries his writer’s office around the neighborhood.- He was walking there before going to the Tea Room, he said, to do his work. I wondered as he spoke which was his real work. We discussed issues of humanism as always. After I left him, the day enthralled me, the sunelight grew more crystalline as the sun hit 4pm, and Snowflake, my Siberian Husky, was pulling after every dog, bird, cat and whatever else was out there, flying and crawling. I wondered about her doglife understanding of humanist philosophy.

I was reminded of 16th century music looking at her beautiful mask, with its white gothic architecture, and her big friendly wolf smile. A sonnet by Petrarch came to mind. I returned home and looked it up. Who else but “man’s best friend” could be the subject, and truly deserving, of such a delightful poem as this? I was inspired to think that Francesco Petrarch had loved a dog too.

My Beautiful,Kind, Intelligent Dog

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Donna Cameron Very Rare Video Clip On Artflux Fire Escape

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World Trade Alphabet Film

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by Donna Cameron, Contributing Artist

September 11, 2006- Brooklyn, NY-

Smoke and embers fell in flurries, became a blinding blizzard. The sky darkened around me.

Too soon, large and small papers fell from nowhere, a weird light, a noxious odor, and from nowhere an ominous manna of letters. Fractured pieces of alphabet like dead confetti covered my front stoop.

A priest from the Catholic Church across the street rushed by with a large box full of white paper masks, bending forward like a rescuer heading uphill against a strong wind. Up the block he scurried, and I knew he was going to the parish school there to distribute the masks to the children. Indeed, soon they appeared floating downhill, gait orderly, quick and steady, holding the masks in their small hand, pushing them up to their noses, coughing, looking frozen, scared.

I ran around and closed all the windows in my brownstone. My husky began to howl, then bark. The cat escaped out the front door as usual, a white cat who got lost easily in the white fog and flurry of cascading paper shrapnel. I ran out after him, and as I scooped him up an extra large paper hit my forehead. I looked up; it balanced for a moment on my brow, and then tumbled. I compulsively grabbed it and the cat, ran up the stoop and slammed the door to my house. I at once felt drawn to the large page of paper. It was burnt smoothly around the edges, and it had a form that immediately haunted me. I held it out, turning it over and over. Suddenly it hit me- a head. I held it, by a small stem up to my face in the foyer mirror. The page was the exact shape and size and contour of an adult human head. A human oval with a small stem, like a piece of neck. I knew instantly that this was a pressure photogram. Someone on impact must have fallen forward into their document, imprinted the weight of their head, making a death mask. How many pages were imprinted, I don’t know. I at once felt the spirit of this unknown soul rising from behind the oval photogram in my hand. I began sobbing. No tears, just sobs, and an unknown surge of energy- terror.

Reading it, upon close inspection, I realized that it was a page from a document on AFPs- Alcohol Fuel Plants.

I remembered what I had learned about the alphabet we use daily in my own Catholic school days. Invented by the Phoenicians to further world trade, our alphabet was evolved from the 321+ letters of ancient cuneiform, thousands of years ago in what is now the Middle East. The World Trade Alphabet is perhaps the greatest contribution to democracy and the democratic voice that the world has ever known.

A paradox.

World Trade Alphabet Film, Hand painted 35mmm film, paper process, photograms.

3 feet x 6 feet. Supported by a fellowship from The MacDowell Colony.