Mont devin climb reserve faunique de papineau-labelle

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Spending the weekend at the chalet at Golden Lake we hiked to the top of Mont Devin.  The weather was quite warm that afternoon.

Early morning at durant lake

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I tend to be an early riser.  I took this on the way to the bathhouse one morning.

Un autre fantasme parfait révélé

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I’ve been around the block and know just about every scene. Approaching 60 now, I’ve fantasized the ideal person to share vintage years with. So I made the decision to play the online dating game. Most times the online connections are deceptive and misleading. They turn out to be flamers or older and heavier than the pics, etc. Or all they want to do is have sex – I’m not into NSA encounters. I love younger, smooth, white people with cute faces with a full head of hair and who take care of themselves physically, emotionally and financially. A little recreational drug play is ok as long as it is not to obsess.

So there  are those gold diggers out there who are looking for a free ride in life. Relationships are give and take and never equal so someone always has the advantage.

A sense of humor mixed in with wit, a little sarcasm and I really like spontaneity.

Someone who consoles me when in doubt and who is not selfish in any way would be ideal. This guys should be someone who would be able to forgive should there be a misunderstanding and not be self-centered to his own motives.

Most important is honesty. I HATE LIARS. And the line “what are you into” is an instant turn off for me. DID I MENTION I HATE LIARS!?!?

Don’t bark at me (“Woof” )…I’m not a dog… And where do people get off thinking it’s cool to only call or message when you’re in a drunken stupor? That’s not flattering or appealing in the least.

Just looking for a super hot guy that I lust, like, and love. Someone who can take my breath away and make my heart race every time I see him. Someone to be with before I  get too old.

I’ve come close to this at times… so give me a whirl and let’s see what happens.