snow vision rainbow

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snow vision rainbow, originally uploaded by kd2he.

Snow and ice in the winter made some cool rainbow lens effects. Taking a break from watching the Olympics in Torino I headed to the country for a radio contest. First of all I’d like to thank everybody for inviting me to N3AD again. Saturday I was out taking some photos with a couple of cameras in hand focused on shooting some of the lake. I unknowingly stepped on a patch of ice. My ankle was twisted pretty bad. It was a little awkward operating the station with one foot elevated on the desk with an ice pack on it. I managed to get the swelling down enough to feel a little better for the return trip to NYC. Actually it’s doing OK and fortunately I didn’t break it.

Club 57 In the Mix

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Club 57 was situated in the basement of the Holy Cross Polish National Church on St. Marks Place in New York where I met Andy Reese who was manager at the time. It was the late 70’s when rents were reasonable so there was a community of artists on the lower east side who hung out together creating events there. Ann Magnuson, Keith Harring, Kenny Scharf, John Sex, Wendy Wild, Klaus Nomi, Joey Arias, Tseng Kwong Chi, Tom Rubnitz, David McDermott and Peter McGough, and countless others got together there to show their work. Tom Hawk mastered the music for the events. Tom had a huge collection of vinyl at this Elizabeth Street apartment that he shared with William Lively who was choreographing dance and theater. While rummaging though so old cassette tapes I ran across one of his tapes.

Click here to hear the Tom Hawk Club 57 Podcast.

Artflux’s New Portraits

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Bill Crawford NYC 1991

Well it’s been a wild snow storm. They say it was the biggest since the 40’s huh… Not really… It’s all media hype you know. Anyway it was a good time to get down to posting a new portrait gallery. The time span runs from around 1978 to last year so it’s an eclectic collection including some never shown before. The winter Olympics in Torino Italy has been catching my attention these days. I did a spin class since there was no chance of cycling in Central Park.

Click to see the gallery of new portraits.

Wall Surfaces

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Untitled 2006

While traveling in South America I photographed graffiti on wall surfaces. The light was intense in Equador where most of the images were taken. Aaron Suskind, who I met at the Houston Center for Photography while there for a seminar given by him served as inspiration. Click here to see the wall surfaces gallery.