Artist self portrait in the wilderness. Man vs Nature

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If your a dog lover

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Murphy, my sister’s kerry blue terrier posing for the iphone.  Such a very special doggy.


Larry ree on 2nd avenue 1977

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Larry Ree on 2nd Avenue 1977 I took while a student at Pratt.

Toronto Gay Pride Kickoff BBQ

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375 King Street W. 3rd floor Picnic Area

cell 647 294-5291

Victor Carnuccio LOBBY / RECEPTION

Please RSVP

My toronto play station

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This week I managed to find a really great deal on craigslist for a new desk. It’s designed and built by a Canadian company called global Woodgroup. It’s really nice red mahogany color and sees me perfectly for my Play Station. Moving was a little bit of a chore, but I managed with the zip car and little elbow grease to put together. The weather here is been really cool and comfortable just about 60F in the mornings and pleasantly in the low 70s during the day. I’ve been going to the gym every morning and working out as well as during hot yoga sessions my favorite being on Fridays. It’s really good start today and gets me geared up for things. This weekend I’ll be heading to Montréal again for little R&R. I’ll post some pictures along the way.

Near Death Experience, Show and Montreal

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Biking home from the gym I was tail ended by an suv!! The impact knocked the wind out of me as well as the back tire and rim which was twisted out of shape. There was an Australian woman passer by who gave me her card should I need to contact her. It was clearly his fault.  I was ok with just a little bruise on my right knee.  The whole ordeal left me a little upset, but after meeting the driver and exchanging contact information he offered to give me a ride home as the bike was unrideable. Today  I was extra careful out on the roads. I’m still a litle shaken up by the whole thing and guess it might be another NDE chalked up for me.  I fell asleep watching the Golden Jubilee concert awaking at the crack of dawn for hot yoga.  The bike will be in the shop for about a week and the guy has offered to pay for the repairs.  I’m using my alternate Gary Fisher mountain bike for now.  This week Community Supported Agriculture starts.  I’m looking forward to getting some farm fresh produce weekly as I had been doing in NYC over past years. I’m thinking about going to Montreal for the weekend. Some of my work will be on exhibit at City Lights in an exhibit called SAMESEX, 37 Markle Court, Bridgeport, CT Opening Thursday June 7 5 to 6pm for members and free afterwards.


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Flowers Curacao, 1988

David Svenson

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Portrait David Svenson, 2011 Victor Carnuccio

Mont devin climb reserve faunique de papineau-labelle

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Spending the weekend at the chalet at Golden Lake we hiked to the top of Mont Devin.  The weather was quite warm that afternoon.

Travel like a human – New York hotels

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New York hotels are overpriced. I discovered where you can list your spare room to guests who want to save while visiting the big apple. Their catch phrase is travel like a human. My first quests arrived over Columbus Day weekend from Montréal. The guys were actually charming guests. I’ve booked my spare room all the way through the middle of November.

Fashion Week is over. Whew… My solo soho show was canceled due to bad weather and a wicked bike crash I had two days before the opening. I was on my road bike traveling on a downhill at about 20 mph.. Then unexpectedly someone turned abruptly without signaling. I flipped over the handlebars landing on my my right shoulder as well as knee head and who knows what else. X-rays showed a level 1 or 2 shoulder separation. It’s been almost 3 weeks and I’m almost totally recovered.


It was kind of funny to ask me to go slow ‘haste makes waist.’ I explained that road bikes are designed for racing. The idea is to go really fast.

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