I Love Spring

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On my list of things to do today the top of the list is to write. I woke up later this morning having had a really good night’s sleep. So here’s an new digital image that I took as the sun was coming up making for good vibes for my house plants. The Spring weather has been spectacular so I did a short bike ride yesterday afternoon up the Hudson River Park.

Tuesday Afternoon

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Untitled 1989

I bought the Leica in 89 before heading to London to photograph a theater production that was in rehearsal. I took this photograph there before heading to the south of France for a few days.

I sprung the gear cable on my bike earlier last week. I decided that I would try to repair it myself to save a little money, so I bought the new cable, and proceeded to install it not knowing exactly how. There’s parts that cannot be removed without destroying the mechanics of the thing. No knowing this I popped a spring that was nearly impossible to reinstall without a so called spring installation tool I found online. So I eventually gave up to return to have the bike mechanic for some help. I knoew it would run me about $100.00 He told me that it would have to be replaced because the spring needed to be factory installed. The part was going to cost me $300.00. Needless to say I checked ebay for a less expensive replacement. I really waned to go on my ride the next day so I tried again. I managing to piece it together! It shifts nearly perfectly. I’ve clocked about 58 miles since.

Back on the Trail

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Untitled 1983

I flatted my front tire today on my ride. The gear cable snapped as well. Fortunately it was near the end of the 30 miles so I didn’t have to stop. I guess it’s time for a tune up.

The jogger/cycle path is much nicer than it was back in the early 80’s. The Hudson River Park project made way for spectacular flower gardens as well as improved traffic lights for cyclists.