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Due to escalating legal fees artflux may be closing soon. Obviously there are those who believe that Soho’s art community must give way for the upwardly mobile financial and real estate development community who are willing to pay very high rents to live and work in a neighborhood created by artists over the years. We are yet zoned artist joint living working. I am in jeopardy of loosing my home and work space of 25 years. This is more than half my adult life. Some people seems to think that Art is no longer a part of New York and that artists should move out to make way for corporate apartments and wealthy individuals that thirst for space. We will relocate out of New York as a result. Please contribute to the artflux legal fund to help save the arts in New York and help to pay for legal costs of the upcoming trial. I am heartbroken that I may need to give up my studio.

Contribution can be sent to the following address:

Victor Carnuccio Studio
547 Broadway #5
New York NY 10012

I printed today another new image for the Imperial Court of New York’s Annual Silent Auction Ball. Click on the Paypal contribution link if you would like to give. Your humble artists thank you.

Good Friday

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I went to a yoga class early yesterday morning then let the day pass uneventfully. I watched The Godfather then set up for a radio contest later in the evening. Actually propagation is not too good now what we are on the low end of the solar cycle. So to take up some of the slack and boredom I put my web cam up on my ham radio website.


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I ran across a Canadian photo blog that documents goings on in Toronto that has been capturing my attention.

daily dose of imagery

I’m still here

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I’m finally getting around to a post after a long five day sabbatical. I manage to ride twice this week so far totaling around sixty miles. I think that may have been a mistake as I am experiencing some slight pain ini my right knee. The temp has been rising up past 50 often enough that I think I can work in a base over the next few weeks. A stomach virus has been going around so was down a bit this weekend. I suspect it might have been the scallops I bought in Chinatown. The start of the week has been uneventful so I’ve mixed up some chemistry to print over the next few rainy damp days.

Springing Into Gear

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After a winter of stationary spinning, rowing and interval training Springs’s just around the corner. So its time to hit the road with some real outdoor cycling. It’s been a long winter. I’ve been alternating one day on one day off rowing for 25 or 30 minuets. I start up with two sets at 110-120 rpm for 2 minuets resting about 2 minuets between. Then 6 times max for 6 seconds at 100 percent increasing wattage resting 30 secounds between. My max wattage reached was 535 a earlier this month. Usually by the 6th time my heart rate is high enough to go for some longer interval sprinting. I follow the same on the stationary bike for between 30 and 40 minuets on alternate days as I do on the road in the park.

I usually hit the weight room afterwards with a few sets of warm-ups on the leg extension machine with really low weight for 3 sets. Following that with 6 sets of heavy squatting 135 for 15 reps, 225 for about 10 -12 reps, then 295 for 6, 225 for 8 135 for 12 -15 reps. If I’m really feeling some mild pain I hit the quads and calves instead. On upper body days I do the same but train the arms and back instead.

So I’m not sure if I will be racing again this season. After my experiences with last years race and all the crashes that I’ve seen happen I might just play the low road again this year. Then again at 54 I would only be competing with a few people in my age category so chances are better that I would place well. I could get into time trials rather than full flegded races.

There’s something about being on a real bike moving along in space that I don’t experience in the gym so time to get outdoors in Central Park.

Some Noteworthy Blogs That I Ran Across Today

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I re-entered blogdom this morning after reading ‘Best blogs on the web’ on the BBC news technical page. I browsed through some of the winners. There were some new finds that are noteworthy. I actually had already browsed Gawker and Gizmoto and heard about Slashdot. Other winning sites I checked out were Londonist, We-Make-Money-Not-Art, and Tokyotimes. There were even awards for glbt sites that I put on my Yahoo content page. Sisterstalk and Hot-Toddy won in that category. Three of my favorite image blogs were Topleftpixel, Rion, and Satanslaundromat. Some of my personal favorites Jockohomo and Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux weren’t mentioned.

The complete list can be found on the 2005 bloggies website.

Now only to find the time to read them.


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I typed up the deposition franticly opposite the stenographer until I was asked to move over a seat not to bother the Richard Upton’s lawyer. The transcript is sketchy and by no means accurate. That will be left up to the stenographer. It was my third time attending a deposition. This time around it was Richard’s turn to go first. I lasted as predicted most of the day. I was unaware that I would need to be in there both Thursday and Friday before the opening Saturday. The drama unfolded when Richard was asked about the stock certificate. In a speechless state of rage he rushed out of the room slamming the door knocking a painting off the wall of the conference room breaking the frame.

I managed to repair the frame Monday after the opening frenzy had passed. I rehung it on a snowy Tuesday mornnig. I always liked the painting actually. I assume it was the fact that there was a valid stock certificate for building’s 5th floor that has my name on it was the reality they were not able to face. At any rate Richard’s actions will only come around in my favor unfortunately.

The next day it was my turn. I was up at 5 AM printing one last print for the show Saturday night. I of course don’t have the text from my deposition. I assume that I will be receiving the official transcript from the deposition soon. I was amazed at some of the questions that they had asked me that had nothing to do with what the agreement said.

The week started slowly Monday with another spin… Actually I was really into it but cut it short to get to some chores.

So we tested the webcam conferencing on Yahoo Instant Messaging with Jim Clayburgh over in Brussels so that he would be able to attend the meeting remotely using the kitchen computer. It worked fine with Yahoo . So with the P4 is will be very cool and smooth sailing.

The weather turned really nasty Tuesday afternoon with high winds, frigid temps and snow. I set up the table in the neutral area in th front of the studio… It’s actually cleared up some space up in the living areas. The studio looked clean for the new members of the board who came for the first time.

Friday morning was a spin above the rest. I got to the gym extra early so that I was able to fit in a shit load of aerobics. Then I hit heavy on the legs going up to 305 at a body weight of 173. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it the next day.

A mailbox full of flicks arrived so I spend some time watching Showboy (2002) a film written and directed by Lindy Heymann and Christian Taylor. I had photographed Erich Miller, one of the members of the cast in 1991 while visiting Las Vegas. “Christian Taylor, a writer on hit TV series Six Feet Under, is being profiled by a British documentary crew when he’s sacked, though he doesn’t know they’ve overheard the firing. They follow him to Las Vegas, where he is ostensibly doing “research” for the next season, but is actually pursuing a dream to become a dancer in a Vegas show.” He ends up being roommates with Erich. The photograph was used on my Christmas card. I hung out with his sister and he while he was in NYC for the opening. The party after the open was hot. Especially Adrian Armas who plays Model/Dancer “Adrian” that Christian falls for in a dance class.


Thanks to eveyone who attended the opening last night

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Here’s a gallery of some of the snaps taken.

Click to see our artflux opening last night.

3 Way Mirror

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For those of you that have not
received an invitation, I would
like to inform you of our upcoming
gallery exhibition at artflux.

3 way mirror

art exhibition
Victor Carnuccio
Kurt Wehmann
Greg Zukowski

Saturday, March 5th
at 7PM
at artflux
547 Broadway #5
bwtween Spring and Prince

212 226 0643
917 647 9291