Another perfect landscape

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Another perfect pastorial landscape.  Hikers can’t resist taking a photograph of this waterfall. The sound of the water is wonderful.

Algonquin twin peaks climb

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Twin Peaks Algonquin Mountain  in the Adirondacks. The climb was challenging with some steep areas.  Fortunately there was no rain so the rocks were not slippery.  It was easier going up than down for me. The stones were placed ar0und the delicate flora as to keep people from walking there.

Early morning at durant lake

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I tend to be an early riser.  I took this on the way to the bathhouse one morning.

Some interesting resteraunts in montreal

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My french Canadian friends suggested a few of restaurants while I was living up in Montreal earlier this year that I dined at.  The locals knew the places to go to.  Dining was a delight after having been living on the food that I have been preparing for myself in my little apartment on rue du fort.  I tend not to dine alone so only went out when I had a date lined up. My french Canadian friends who are natives knew true Montreal local French cuisine and saved me from aimlessly wondering into some lesser not so good over priced restaurant. Some were a little pricey though but well worth it. Where most allow you to bring your own wine some do not.  If its a Saturday night its probably better to call to make a reservation.

1045 avenue Laurier Ouest
Outremont, QC H2V 2L1, Canada
(514) 270-0999

It was a little pricey but well worth it. If you go after 10PM the prices are
reduced. It’s located in Outremont the most exclusive area of town. You
might be dining with politicians and the rich and famous. Deserts are the
best. You will like this place a lot I think. I dined here twice.


La Bleu Raisin
5237 Rue St-denis
Montréal, QC
(514) 271-2333
We sat at the table on the far right by the window.  This place rocks.  You can bring your own wine and the chef will probably come to your table to say hello. The cuisine is local and the the room is small and intimate.  The menu is posted up on a chalk board and varies so probably better to talk to the waitress to see what is the best deal for the night. I loved this place.

922, avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Plateau, Montreal

Trendy and packed to the rafters for dinner.  I suggest that you go here for a brunch instead. Their omelets are spectacular. The music is loud, and the crowd evening is trendy. It’s dark for dinner so they bring you a flashlight to read the menu.

Busy on Saturday around brunch time and will probably have the sidewalk tables open if the weather is warm, you can connect your laptop and connect to their wifi.  I went here often early afternoon to meet friends a chill with my computer. You can just have coffee if your not into dining and browse around the internet.  The people there are very attractive.  Menu is only in French so you might need some help translating.

Chez Lien Plus
246, rue Stanley corner Ste-Catherine, H3B 2S7

There’s a really big flat screen tv here so i was here to watch  the Vancouver Olympics with a friend who was a student at McGill.  Inexpensive Vietnamese food and you can bring your own wine.  It’s not crowded and more of a place to drop by while shopping on St. Catherine.  There are some strip clubs around here that might try to lure you so watch out for that.

Schwartzs Deli
3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec
H2W 1X9

Then I had to experience Schwartzs Deli. Anyway, I was feeling like
being in a crowded restaurant so I went solo on a Saturday.There was a long line of
people waiting outside, who were mostly tourists like myself milling about trying to stay warm.
I found my way to a seat and proceeded to completely
obliterate any diet that I may have been on.  I was going for the
turkey sandwich,  the waiter insisted that what I really wanted was the
smoked meat on rye, dill pickle and french fries combo.  So I went for
it. The person next to me ordered two of them.  The Deli is very much
like Zabar’s in New York on the upper West Side od NY. Montreal’s version
being much more personal and I liked the intimacy.  You don’t need reservations. They
only take cash.

536 Duluth Est
Montréal (Québec)
H2L 1A9
Tél: 514.281.1114

Friends from Ottawa were in town one weekend and suggested this place.  We ended up going to a less expensive place in the village called La Saloon instead.  I hear it is quite good though.


Le Saloon Bistro Bar Cafe

1333, rue Ste-Catherine E, H2L 2H4

Montréal (Québec)

Trendy Gay Village Disco style eatery with a long line on Saturday night.

1254 Rue Mackay
Montreal, QC H3G 2H4, Canada
(514) 931-6808

I went here for drinks and the music one night. My apartment was just
a short walk from here.  Unforgettably we got there late snd the music
had ended so just had Manhattans

Cafe Myriade
1432 Rue Mackay
Montreal QC

Not far from Upstairs their espresso is the strongest I ever had. There’s wifi here but I had trouble connecting. Mostly Concordia students hang out here and the line is long. They have a selection of teas as well. It closed at 8PM.


Mile End Delicatessen

115 rue Saint-Viateur O, Montréal, QC

If you want bagels try going to Miles End. I went there last weekend. There’s no place to sit so just a place to buy them and take them home with you. Not easy to find located in the area of the city that claims to have more artists than anywhere in Canada.

Bon Appetit

Hello from Canada

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Lemeac on Laurier

Photo: Antoine Du Petit Châtaignier

I have migrated north to live in Canada for needed rest and recovery from surgery that I underwent after a cycling crash.

Recovery is going well.  I have been free of pain, so will begin yoga again in mid February.  I live where is is peaceful so am enjoying the quite nights for good sleep.    It is somewhat colder than New York, but Canada seems to have fended off the humongous snow storm that has struck south of the border.  For instance today it is -9C where I am it is 1C in New York.  When it is freezing it is freezing and not all that much difference is felt.

My photography has adapted to the simplicity of the cell phone.  Sorry for the silence. I didn’t die.

One night stands in paris new york fireworks and nyc carnival lights

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Untitled (Self Portrait) 2008  Victor Carnuccio Mixed Media Collage

Nudes From the Ancient Archives and Gato Negro Barcelona

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Sculpture Versailles, Victor Carnuccio, Paris 1979

Gato Negro, Victor Carnuccio, Barcelona, 1979

My website has new images. Please visit at:

Bermuda to JFK in My Virtual Learjet

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Untitled Bermuda 1982

The weekend has been rather cool in the mornings. Temperatures are a bit below 50 in the early mornings so my thirty mile cycle rides have been less frequent. The spring weather brings out multitudes of wondering tourists, skate boarders, joggers and there was a March of Dimes Walkathon. So I slept in more than I should have. There was the Peace march down Broadway that I watched from the balcony that unexpectedly flowed for hours to City Hall where Susan Sarandon and Jessie Jackson spoke. I took a bunch on digital photos as well as some frames with my Leica on film. Charlie invited me over to check out his new Fuji digital camera. Figuring out how to move the images from the camera to the computer was a problem until I figured the Dazzle card reader didn’t like the XD cards. It probably has something to do with the formatting. Anyway I headed home late to virtually fly back from Bermuda to Kennedy in my Lierjet before hitting the sack. The clouds photo was taken in Bermuda.

Cape Cod

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On an impromptu visit to Duxbury MA out on Cape Cod I went on a fishing trip with my brother. The sea was calm fortunately so I didn’t get too sea sick. I did catch a huge striped bass.


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peacock1, originally uploaded by kd2he.
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