Tent Living For Now

Filed under: General — Artflux at 10:52 am on Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Hola mis amigos… I’ve finished painting the room that was shifted over one window to allow so Andrew could move his things in. The darkroom has been unusable covered with dust and debris as a result. I’m living in a makeshift tent while the renovation is taking place. It makes for more privacy and actually I like that. Kurt and Alverrro were over for a BBQ last night. We cooked up a couple of shell steaks, and the first of the vegetables for the 6th Street Community Center. The weather is very summer like so it’s time to take a couple of days off from the painting. I did a long ride of 7 laps around Central Park this morning starting at dawn before the traffic is allowed in. There seemed to be more cycling going on this morning making for some pretty heavy duty competition. So the ride was 60.4 miles in 3:50:25 plus or minus stopping for traffic at an average speed of 15.8. It would have been more like 16.3 if I had clocked in the park only. My max speed was something like 31.9. I haven’t done that speed since the down hlls in Colorado. Here’s me in my tent with my virtual bike.

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