Friday the 13th

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All was fine until everyone started connoting that because this was supposed to be an unlucky day that chances were that something bad was supposed to happen. First thing I moved from the room to better digs. In the process there was a major panic attack when I wasn’t able to find my cameras. I inadvertently had placed them under the covers somehow so what a relief that was. I falsely alerted the management that they had been stolen… But things like that just don’t happen here.

Later that afternoon I went to visit Mountain Chalet where I was to pick up a slide projector for my presentation at Pikes Peak DX association. Assuming by the date that something was likely to go wrong I tested the bulb to make sure that it was in working order. Jane in the meantime showed me around the store. It’s a lot like EMS in NY. I ended up buying some biking stuff for the early morning rides when the temperature tends to be somewhat low. I bought a wind stopper that Jane recommended and a wicked t shirt. After leaving I headed back to the motel realizing that I had left my camera which checking out the equipment. Another panic attack. I rushed back and sure enough it was there safe and sound.

Me on a rest stop. I love
the yellow bike

Alan and I did a bike ride around the Garden of the Gods earlier. That was the was the most spectacular ride I ever had. Riding down hills at 35 MPH is an incredible rush. I had to let out a primal scream on the descends. The views were spectacular as well. Jane lent me here road bike that fit perfectly after adjusting the seat. It’s bright yellow with a skull and cross bone logo on the frame.

The North American Aerospace
Defense Command’s is in
Cheyenne Mountain

Later I headed down to the Pikes Peak DX Association meeting. There was a field day prep power point presentation that I don’t remember everyone that I met. They were all char actors. It was kinda like a town meeting. My slide show and on Mellish Reef, Willis Island expeditions on the coral see went last. I enjoyed chatting with Bob North KE0UI who recently relocated to the area from Minneapolis MN and was in the process of building a new house up on a ridge. Then W9WNV and K0EX… There was an IT discussion by Joe. What a bright group of guys. This will be the 20th year of their field day. They have been consistently winning the 3A categoy.Terry W0TD was there as well. I would love to do some portraits of some of the people at some point. We shared a bottle of Australian wine… talked until about midnight when returned to get a good nights sleep…

The altitude is not turning out to be a problem.

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