Travel like a human – New York hotels

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New York hotels are overpriced. I discovered where you can list your spare room to guests who want to save while visiting the big apple. Their catch phrase is travel like a human. My first quests arrived over Columbus Day weekend from MontrĂ©al. The guys were actually charming guests. I’ve booked my spare room all the way through the middle of November.

Fashion Week is over. Whew… My solo soho show was canceled due to bad weather and a wicked bike crash I had two days before the opening. I was on my road bike traveling on a downhill at about 20 mph.. Then unexpectedly someone turned abruptly without signaling. I flipped over the handlebars landing on my my right shoulder as well as knee head and who knows what else. X-rays showed a level 1 or 2 shoulder separation. It’s been almost 3 weeks and I’m almost totally recovered.


It was kind of funny to ask me to go slow ‘haste makes waist.’ I explained that road bikes are designed for racing. The idea is to go really fast.

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