Another Brutally Cold Day

Filed under: General — Artflux at 2:15 pm on Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I awoke early the to NYSC to workout early AM. Then I The usual 25 min cut short on the rowing machine to jump start my heart rate. Marty Northstein’s coaching tape really works well for motivation. Then I hit a spin class for 40 min. Afterwards upstairs I hit my quads for 45 min somewhat heavy but not major. Later after returning to the studio I posted a couple of new photos on Ebay. The two auctions are new. One is a self portrait from 1996 and then another of Jamie taken the following year. There’s another new one posted as well of a couple of guys with nice biceps. Snow tends to make it a little difficult getting around so don’t get out to run errands as I had intended. It’s another brutally cold day. Fortunately the loft is cozy at the moment. Then took some digital photos.

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