Ancient Archives 1940’s – Poems by My Great Uncle Vano Malmstrom

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Good Old Army

Just above the Mexican border,
Fort Bliss is the spot,
Where we are doomed to serve our time,
In the land that god forgot.

Down with the snakes and lizards,
Down where a man feels blue,
Right in the middle of nowhere,
And a thousand miles from you.

We sweat, freeze, and slave,
It’s more than a man can stand,
We’re not supposed to be convicts,
Just defenders of our land.

We’re soldiers of the desert,
Earning our measly pay,
Guarding people with millions,
Just for 2.50 a day.

Living with only memories,
Wishing to see our gals,
Hoping that while we are away,
They haven’t married our pals.

Nobody knows we’re living,
Nobody gives a damn,
At home we are forgotten,
Because we belong to Uncle Sam.

The time we have spent in the Army,
The best ones of our life we have missed
Boys don’t let the draft get you,
And for God’s sake don’t enlist.

When all of us get to heaven,
To all the saints will tell,
We’re soldiers of the desert,
And have had our share of HELL !!!


George R Childress

Van W. Malmstrom

Van W. Malmstrom my Great Uncle contracted polio and died as a result shortly after this poem was written.

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