Supreme Court Validates Domestic Partnership Agreement

Filed under: General — Artflux at 7:58 pm on Wednesday, January 19, 2005

There’s litigation going on between me and my lover of 20 years over a partnership agreement we signed some 20 years ago. The Supreme Court ruled in my favor as outlined in an article in the Gay City News in March 2004. “New York Supreme Court justice finds 1983 gay male partnership agreement valid.”

The appeal was heard today in which one of the judges embarrassed Steve Rosen the defendant’s council basicly calling it a waste of time. In the prenup signed by myself and Upton, currently a partner at Paterson Belnap a New York law firm, the appelate court again declaied this clause valid:

WHEREAS, Upton has contributed the majority of funds necessary for the parties household expenses and the above-stated purchase, and Carnuccio has contributed the largest portion of his time and talents to the work necessary to renovate and maintain such loft to accommodate the parties residences; and

WHEREAS, the parties expect their relationship to continue…

Unfortunately the relationship ending in 1996 after nearly 20 years. So looks like my studio will continue to exist despite the legal ranging.

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