Hillary Clinton’s New Gay Look, Casino Royal, The Queen, Youtube.com and My New Passion

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Well I’ve deliberated about photos for myspace.com test running them on rating sites like hotornot.com to get a more subjective view. Not to mention there’s a few on Friendster.com as well. I really need to update.

President Bush is going off the deep end as a lame duck this week with his state of the union address. From the commentary is seems that there was a partisan response that was to be expected. Yikes!


Then again Hillary Clinton’s webcasts were just as hideous. She was so made up that she looked like a china doll. Or maybe she has been spending some of her contributors money on a face makeover. But the image is everything so lifts are becoming acceptable even for politicians now. She’s looking so butch. Maybe she should duel with Madeline Albright in a leg press competition. Madeline boast being able to leg press 700 lbs. So is she or isn’t she a lesbian? That is the question.


So here are some of the recent movies that I have seen. Casino Royal, with a rejuvenated Daniel Craig as Bond. The footage in Venice toward the end was nice but the films length running about 144 minuets left me yawning even with all the geeky gimmicks and gadgets.


When I worked at La Mama E.T.C. back in the 70’s while a student at Pratt, I managed the rehearsal building on Great Jones street. I watched Tom Eyen direct productions there such as Neon Woman with Divine as well as The Whore and the Bit Player with Madeline La Rue. His major contribution was Dreamgirls. Unfortunately he never saw on screen version having died of Aids in a 1991. Staged by director-choreographer Michael Bennett, I regret never having seen the Broadway version. The film version is inspirational. Tom was always pleasant to be around. He sometimes would spend time with me after rehearsals asking me what I thought. Hmm…


I’m not a film critic, but the documentary mix of The Queen based on Princess Diana’s tragic death in Paris and the royals reaction left me in awe. It was 1997 about 10 years ago that she crashed in a town car race in a tunnel to escape overly aggressive paparazzi. I don’t know what more to say. It’s well worth seeing.


Gambling in Second Life has become my passion recently. I’m not sure of the legality of this but it seems to have become popular with the residents. You realize that there are questions as to how legitimate the online casinos are. The machines have at times paid handsomely at times.


So now that Artflux has entered into the new media.com era I have been trying my best to keep up with the skill for it’s upkeep. Thanks to the WordPress it has made creating content ridiculously easy and more enjoyable.

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