Near Death Experience, Show and Montreal

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Biking home from the gym I was tail ended by an suv!! The impact knocked the wind out of me as well as the back tire and rim which was twisted out of shape. There was an Australian woman passer by who gave me her card should I need to contact her. It was clearly his fault.  I was ok with just a little bruise on my right knee.  The whole ordeal left me a little upset, but after meeting the driver and exchanging contact information he offered to give me a ride home as the bike was unrideable. Today  I was extra careful out on the roads. I’m still a litle shaken up by the whole thing and guess it might be another NDE chalked up for me.  I fell asleep watching the Golden Jubilee concert awaking at the crack of dawn for hot yoga.  The bike will be in the shop for about a week and the guy has offered to pay for the repairs.  I’m using my alternate Gary Fisher mountain bike for now.  This week Community Supported Agriculture starts.  I’m looking forward to getting some farm fresh produce weekly as I had been doing in NYC over past years. I’m thinking about going to Montreal for the weekend. Some of my work will be on exhibit at City Lights in an exhibit called SAMESEX, 37 Markle Court, Bridgeport, CT Opening Thursday June 7 5 to 6pm for members and free afterwards.

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Comment by Susan

June 5, 2012 @ 9:35 pm

Hi Vic. So sorry to hear of your accident. Maybe you should buy a car so you are safe when getting around I do worry about you. You are in a new location and please be careful. Are you okay now?
Sean is in Bridgeport Radison until June 16. You should call him.

Love Susan

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