Biking Update

Filed under: Cycling — Artflux at 7:54 am on Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Now that summer is almost here the weather has been warming up during the day. Mornings have been cool though with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s making for ideal cycling. So far this month I’ve clocked just over 300 miles in Central Park. Now that I have new Panaracer Stratius Extreme tires and a supply of tubes that I was in need of I will venture across the George Washington Bridge to the Palisades this weekend. The replaced set was riddled with holes and had worn thin from last season’s riding. The glass on the New York City streets stress even tires which are supposed to be puncture proof. I’ve had three flats so far this year.

The bike was in desperate need of cleaning so I thoroughly scrubbed it yesterday afternoon. The derailer was so dirty that that chain was barely able to grip the teeth. I’ll replace the handle bar tape today. It’s ready for a 50 mile ride tomorrow morning.

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