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Leo Laprorte the tech guy has a very cool tech webcast going on KFI in LA on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It covers the full gamut of anything that contains a chip from computers to Ipods. I first heard about him on TWIAR (This Week in Amateur Radio) another weekly podcast that I listen to. There’s a load of new software on my computer since listening to the program that has really made things run a lot simpler. I now use Spybot Search and Destroy as well as Adaware that I’ve been using for years. No single application will clean everything so it’s a good idea to used several. Spyware Blaster is running as well targeting Internet Explorer. My browser of choice is Firefox. I’ve have been using for about a year.

I’ve also been playing with Linux Live CD’s as an alternative operating system. The ones I have tried are Ubuntu, Knoppix, and Mandeiva. All run fine on the PC. They are all free! There’s no spyware of viruses on Linux.

There are a whole slew of new gadgets that I have on my wish list now as a result of listening to the program. One of the things I love about the tech revolution is that it is contenting changing. Exploring and discovering what the PC and technology can do is baffling. I like to build my own computers although the cost is not much less than buying a pre made Dell. The advantage to building is customizing it.

I’m thinking about eventually backing up the whole system when I get around to it. There’s so much stuff on the drives now that if there was a crash I would really loose a lot. Ghosting the drive was going to take up 65 CD’s so I will have to wait until I get a new recordable DVD drive to back up. I did some Spring cleaning by reinstalling XP Pro on one of my computers. It’s cleaned up of all the junk that had been accumulating from installing and uninstalling programs through the years.

I also put together a tool kit of free software to troubleshoot should the inevitable crash occur.. I made Hiren’s Boot CD 7.9 and EBCD Emergency boot CD. There’s a ton of handy applications on both of them.

To find any file on the computer I installed the Yahoo Desktop based on Enterprise desktop Search and it’s free. It will take you to any file you’re looking for just by typing it into search.

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