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Got up really early again… Started in on a good workout feeling good dispite the rain. Printed some proofs this morning. Here’s one of them.

And another of Kurt.


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It’s Chinese New Years so thought I’d go to Chinatown to shop on Mott Street. When I got there is was like a ghost town. There was one lone fish market open so bought some salmon and shrimp. The price is reasonable and it broils really well.

Happy Chinese New Year!


chinatown gallery


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I’d like to dictate something for my blog but unfortunately I don’t have software that can translate voice messages to type so I have to sit at the keyboard and actually type. I should get voice recognition software. That would make things much easier. By recording it would make things more spontaneous. The last couple of days have been relatively slow recuperating from a long hard weekend and anticipating all the work that has to be done for the exhibition that we have planned for the 5th of march. That’s a day after a deposition that I have to give for the dispute with Richard over splitting the shares for the building. But I figured that it won’t take up the whole day and it will be sort of nice to be out of the studio for a few hours the day before the show. I can get it all the exhibition stuff taken care of earlier in the week since it is a Friday that the deposition is scheduled. Anyway I wanted to get in the darkroom to print some of the proofs of PJ’s photos. I’m waiting to hear from him on which ones he likes. Someone is buying me out on ebay which I am overwhelmed by. I can see that there’s going to be a lot of work over the next few weeks printing the photos that I have sold as well as ones that are going to be in the exhibit. I got an email from David and he set me up with a gmail account which I’m really excited about. I’m just having a little trouble configuring it with my Zone Alarm firewall software. But I found a tutorial on how to fix it by adding to the privacy site allow list. So I finally got a gmail account. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep and now that the sun is coming up earlier I won’t have to get up when its dark any more. So we are defiantly moving toward having longer days and hopefully warmer ones.


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I got up early this morning as usual… Actually it was a nice day with lotsa bright orange sunshine at sunrise. I never made it to the HRC after party last night. So had to cut the workout short to take care of some organizational stuff and to print some photos. I got a invite to a super bowl party at Splash that John Henry is throwing tonight so invited Charlie along for drinks. At .50 a beer you can’t beat it. Then invited David and Leonard over for a portrait David’s out of town so it’s out for this weekend.

!haha on bbspot!

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It’s time for a break from the routine. I ran across this today that had me laughing out loud.

Lack of Subscribers Dooms NASA’s Rock Cam

tri-state human rights campaign dinner

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There are limitations of blogspot as apposed to hosting my blog on my own domain. I should be able to host I on . I need to check with my service provider. It can make the design more creative. To do this with blogger you need some technical knowledge so for not this design will suffice. I’m paying for the domain so should use it to it’s fullest capability however eventually. Colors and design layout can be modified later so I’ve been going with dots for now.

The Human Rights Campaign is hosting their fund rising Tri-State Human rights Campaign Dinner at the Waldorff Astoria Saturday February 5. I contributed a piece for their Silent Auction held in conjunction with the dinner. This is the photo that will be on auction.

Good luck and good bidding. The proceeds go toward building awareness within the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. I guess that covers everyone. The Human Rights Campaign is the largest political organization with members thought out the country. It effectively lobbies Congress, provides campaign support and educates the public to ensure that GLBT Americans can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community.

Back to the studio… PJ’s film looks great. I should have some proofs up by the end of the week. It a matter or selecting.


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The weather turned warmer so got into an intense errand running day hitting all the local staples haunts. I had to cut the workout short this morning to meet with the Sears repairman to diagnose the fridge’s death rattle. It is what I had feared… a dying compressor. The cost for labor and parts would be more than the refrigerator is worth. It might last 6 months or 5 more years, who knows. It’s interesting that the warranty was just a couple of months past expiration.

Got up early this morning again with the sun actually up. The days are definitely getting longer thank god. I got a fax about pressure being put on Upton/Rosen to get their paperwork in order. Seems they are spread thin with the interim appeal having been denied.

Photos of PJ Mehafey should be interesting once I process the film later today.

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