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was a holiday for most so spent the day in the lab doing proofs of kurt then i photographed greg with disco mirrors.

It’s Absolutely Surreal

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The weather has as to be expected in January, turned very cold. I staying close to the lab most of the day where there is the most heat in the studio.

The big news event of the week was the landing of a probe on Saturn’s moon Titan. The photos sent back are impressive. I’m not sure what to think of the sound bites though.

I’m a little stressed out with the sudden change of weather and overwhelming amount of work.

Getting up to go to NYSC was not so easy this morning with the late night. We went to church at St. Mark’s to see a dance.

Cell Phone Photo

Artflux Gets Indexed

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As far as I know everyone that has purchased my photographs loves them. “It’s like they like my work. They really like me.” Didn’t Sally Fields say that? I’m really excited about that.
We are finishing up the last prints for the upcoming exhibit. The date has yet to be announced. It’s all about timing so when we meet with party captain John Heney Rew from Trend hope to have it in February when everyone is looking to party on.
Finally I am indexed. I discovered that I am listed on feedster.com. How sweet!!! It’s early on a Saturday night so hope to get together some plans for the night before I pass out.
I have a heavy leg workout tomorrow so should pass on going out late tonight.

It’s a Balmy 68 Degrees in New York For Real

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Winter is here so there’s always a chance that the weather will actually become winter again. There were times when it actually snows in New York despite the current warming trend. Here’s what it was like 24 years ago.

St. Marks Church NYC 1978

Very Busy!!!

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I awoke early as usual feeling a little under the weather. The news said temp was going up to 60. So thought I’d run errands and get out a bit. Headed to the gym getting there late after adawaring and defraging. The computers seemed a little sluggish lately. To the gym. Back at 8:30 Prince Harry’s on the Daily News and Post with a swastika uniform. How wierd. Monika stopped by and tidied up. Went to chinatown at lunch. Picked up fish and veggies then home to meet with Kurt Wehmann to go over his contact sheets. Picked some really nice ones. Print proofs tomorrow. Then headed up to the meat packing discrtrict for groceries. Biked home then to head up the west side highway for a spin on my mountain bike to B&H for photography supplies. Got home in time to get the dinner ready. I’m watching Matix Reloaded while writing this.

Cell phone photo at sunset.

Blah Weather at the Moment

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I blew off gym this morning. I was cased from staying up late last night. I almost forgot to mention Lady Bunny’s appearance last night. The movie Wigstock came in the mail from Netflix so watched it later. I tried to get to bed early. We are having blah weather at the moment. The early mornings are dark, overcast, cold and damp. I’m hoping for some warmer weather on Thursday when it’s forecasted to go up to 60 so that I can run errands to pick up photography supplies. One on the nice things about having a cell phone is being able to email your cell extensive shopping lists.


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With a fresh start in the new year an on the new lunar cycle moon’s in Capricorn, it’s time to get back to business. I got a late start being a rest day after a grueling lifting week. I did some work on the blog adding links and refining stuff. Kurt Wehmann’s pics looked interesting. Here’s one of the digital. The black and white film is coming soon. They look great. He’s coming to the Boy George photo show tonight. Charlie is coming as well along with the John Henry Rew crowd.

Biked over on the red bike to PM Lounge in the meat packing district. Lorant got the party started with slides of Paul Smith of London fashions. Later Boy George spun to an edgy crowd of with the London sound I really love. Kurt arrived with a couple of friends so we hung out grooving on some retro 70’s disco midway through the set starting with Lady Marmalade one of my favorites. The only criticism I have was that the Raggie seemed out of place. I met a PS122 performance artist PJ Mehaffey that I wanted to photograph. So we are arranging that. I got home at about 3AM that is major late for me. Great party!!!


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I slept in til 6 then did a spin and short workout. It’s cold again but at least there was some sun this morning. The rain seems to have blown over for the time being. Kurt Wehmann came by later for me to photograph. I did his portrait. He had some stuff to scan. Then David Weber my old roommate stopped by to pick up his mail. Thanks for the comments. I put some new photos up on my website if anyone cares to look.

Party Tme!!!

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With winter here and the doldrums are making thing dull BoyGeorge is here. Lorrent who was the DJ last summer at “Eros & Baptiste” my infamous summer party is spinning Monday night in the meat packing district earlier then BoyGeorge will spin til dawn. I will be there. Out tonight to see some theatre.

It was a miserable rainy day here today. Benched 205 sorta early AM then cleared out the Christmas tree.

Friday Weird

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Awoke early enough to have breakfast, shave, and get to the gym before dawn. These short days are devastating my motivation. Work legs without any spinning today. I managed 315 with great difficulty. I didn’t get much sleep last night. NYSC was a ghost town this morning. Assuming that everyone was cased by end of the week blas. Did some building work arranging a locksmith to repair the front door to the building. The afternoon was mundane with a meeting and then arranging tomorrow’s photography schedule. I’m shooting Greg Zukowski and maybe Kurt Wehmann depending. I thought up wrapping Greg in Christmas lights an putting him in the lime green lounge chair. It turns so should make some nice trails with an open shutter thing going. I put some stuff up on my server yesterday so here’s another for the record.

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