Deliberating new digital camera

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Shopping around for a new digital body for my leica lenses. Relying on what consumer reports reviews I an looking at the Sony cameras. The Fujifilm looks very much like my Pentex film camera that I think I still have.

The Sony A9 is a popular rental at New York’s Fotocare, so before purchasing one I think it might be a good idea to try one out as a rental.

Do I really need 48 MP? The cost is considerably different by several thousand dollars.

The newer Model Alpha a7R III is a comfortable size and the circumference of the lens opening matches my older leica lenses.

Then there is the Fujifilm¬† XT-20 at about $800. It rates just behind the Sony models on Consumer Reports. I’m holding back on making a decision for the time being. Instead I continue to use the Iphone 7-Plus along with photoshop and lightroom. The only drawback with phone photos is that there is limited depth of field.

Alphabet city 1977 to 2018

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217 East 7th Street has changed dramatically and that is an understatement. I had trouble finding where exactly I took the photo on back in the day. Its hard to imagine that there has been so much change. The neighborhood to this day has its edge. Its a good idea to watch your back here even today. I was mugged and robed while living here in the 70’s.

Spring at the flower market

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Amazing what you can capture with an iphone camera. Shopping at the garden district. Tulips are plentiful everywhere in New York this spring.

Club 57, 1981

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Georgina F. Wise and Scott Covert in Bad Seed, directed by Andy Reese, Club 57, 1981

East river park bike ride

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Sort of spring bike ride under the Williamsburg Bridge. I think I took this same photo before about 30 years ago.


Selfie April 2018

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Last workout at goodlife fitness before returning to NYC. Hopefully by the time I return to Toronto the weather will be more springlike.

Goodlife fitness bundled up

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The weather is hardly spring like. Heading out for my bike ride home from Goodlife Fitness bundled for the sub 0 temperatures yesterday.

Back in toronto

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Back in Toronto on a crisp but not quite spring day. Takes a while to warm up up north.

John Kelly NYC 1991

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My first apartment in NYC 1972

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It was my first flat. I had the ground floor though with a garden in the back. It was $75 a month rent and I shared it. The neighborhood was somewhat a ghetto, and dangerous. People hesitated to venture into Alphabet City. I was mugged once.  The building is currently empty. I think that there was a fire.

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